Best Sci-Fi on Netflix – TV Edition

I am Sci-Fi and Proud!

One of my not so guilty pleasures is science fiction. I like it in all shapes and sizes. TV, Film, Novels, Mini Series, sometimes games… bring it all!

Me and my other half share the passion and most of the time, the taste for this genre. Often when one of us is cooking the other is responsible to select appropriate entertainment. There are many factors to consider, such as level of entertainment, how engaging the show is, mood, drama, special effects, not to mention acting, cast and of course – plot. I hope the list below will help you with your “what should I watch next on Netflix?” problem.

This week I will list my favorite Sci-Fi TV on Netflix specifically. I have very close attachment to some of the shows therefore these are in no particular order.

Best Sci-Fi Shows On Netflix Streaming Right Now – according to explorebyproxy. Lets begin.

  1. The Expanse – Futuristic detective story complete with political/social economic plot twist and breakthrough vision. Diverse, fresh cast does not disappoint and quality script holds true throughout the show. Realism is amazing. Fights in zero gravity are scientifically accurate and mesmerizing . This one will have a cult following in no time. (1 Season on Netflix, Status Renewed)

    The Expanse
  2. Stranger Things – It will grip you and will not let go till the very end. Inspired by some of the quality TV and Film from the last 40 years including The Goonies, Poltergeist, Stand by Me, ET, Aliens and all that is good in the last 40 years on the screen. Previously unheard of Duffer Brothers have delivered good to the demanding audience of 21st century binge watchers. The amazing 80’s soundtrack complements the experience too. (1 Season on Netflix & dying for 2nd season).

    Stranger Things
  3. Continuum  One of the good shows when you don’t want too much drama but could appreciate new interesting story. Continuum applies time travel to a good use  and don’t skip episodes as it is easy to get lost in the plot. It is interesting and very complex with undefined timeline.

  4. Red Dwarfmost of the time ridiculous but also lovable and easy going British Sci-Fi comedy with 11 seasons and 67 episodes under the belt this show really deserves a mention. Charming, funny and lighthearted proves time and again big budget does not make the show, committed cast and team behind the show makes it great and attracts the audience.

    Red Dwarf
  5. Ascension (miniseries) – The show has strong idea with good and somewhat relatable concept. Passengers on life long mission to reach and settle on a new planet, however not everything goes smooth and murder occurs under mysterious circumstances. Unexpected questions are raised during investigation about the true mission of the ship and not everything is as it seams. Worth watching on a lazy day and it is only 6 episodes. 

  6. 12 monkeys – another time travel drama, Sci-Fi series based on Terry Gilliam film. This one is a little hard core and demands patience and dedication. Yet it is fun and exciting. The suspense will keep you on your toes. This show has potential and I haven’t yet seen the latest season but I was promised a good surprise with introduction of a new character.

    12 Monkeys
  7. Rick and Morty – Animation that stole the show for me this year. Crazy, Albert Einstein/Doctor Emmett Lathrop (from Back to the future) grandpa and his grandkid Morty on a life adventure that casually involves aliens and all that comes with alien world. Warning, high levels of sarcasm and unapologetic truths of life exposed in this hilarious adventure. PS: this is the show that Game of Thrones screenwriters/producers David Benioff & D.B. Weiss wish to write for. Don’t skip on this one!

    “Rick and Morty” (2013)
  8. Star Trek – No introduction needed. Netflix has all of the below ready for streaming right now! Commit in your own time. There is always something different and individual that attracts audience to this worldwide phenomenon. Discover it for yourself.

    “Star Trek: The Next Generation” (1987)

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: Voyager
Star Trek: Enterprise
Star Trek: The Original Series
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Star Trek: Discovery (denudes later this year)

All of the above are my personal preferences, but please let me know what are your favorites as I am always on a look out for something more!

Live Long and Prosper

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2 thoughts on “Best Sci-Fi on Netflix – TV Edition

  1. Is this what you were talking about the other day? We use another account so I should be able to watch these. We’ve already seen stranger things and absolutely love them!


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